Domestic Tasks done for you so you don’t have to

Taking Care of your Domestic Tasks

Midian Cares' Personal Care provides assistance with a ‘good morning’ start to the day, with help to get up, washed, showed or bathed, getting dressed and having breakfast.

Domestic Tasks

You or your loved one may be starting to struggle to do the things that you need to do, in order to maintain your household and therefore might need some extra support. Regular home visits can start from just 30 minutes a week to several hours a day depending on the amount of support that you desire.

Helping you around your home

We understand that being able to do everything around the household may become difficult for some of our clients therefore when we assess your needs we will discuss the idea of light household duties being completed by carers when it may be helpful to clients.

Domestic Task Services Include
Washing, drying and ironing clothes
With Midian Cares’ laundry and cleaning services, that little extra help can really make a difference.
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Changing bed linen
Removing bed linen for washing, changing bed linen and making up the bed.
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Cleaning floors, bathrooms, kitchens etc.
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Pet-Care From Midian Care
Looking after your pets
Living with pets can be a beneficial and enjoyable experience for older people, but there comes a point where taking care of a pet might prove too much of a challenge.
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General house cleaning, dusting and vacuuming
Household chores are probably the last thing on your mind after a long shift at the office, but our housekeepers will take care of all that for you.
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Disposing of household rubbish
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Shopping with you, or for you.
Your personal assistant can help with picking up a few essential items and can even accompany you to large supermarkets.
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Arranging support for a loved one

Sometimes personal care can be quite an uncomfortable and demanding task for a close family member to carry out for a loved one, as it is a lot of responsibility, with some feeling awkward about a change in the relationship.

In these instances, it can be much easier to have a trained professional who is accustomed to supporting with personal care to come to your loved one’s house and step in. Choosing a carer that your loved one is comfortable with is vital whether they are male, female, young or old- means that carer becomes a regular friendly face for your loved one to rely on whilst offering gentle encouragement and a little bit of extra support.

What makes our servicecaring?uniquedignified?responsible?safe?

Midian Care strives to do more than meeting your physical needs and keeping you safe in your own home.  We want to provide a service that enriches your life and gives you the fulfilment that you deserve.

Midian Care goes beyond the usual services that many homecare companies provide.

Midian Care Facts

We put you first, every time. Our aim is to provide the standard of care that we would want for our own families.

  • Fully trained carers and experienced management staff
  • 30 min calls, once a week through to complex and dementia care
  • Respite care, companionship and domestic services available.
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